We are happy to announce the partnership with 36 Cycling! With 36 Cycling we found a new clothing partner, supplying us with a fresh kit design for the upcoming season! We are looking forward to the cooperation between 36 Cycling and Watersley and can’t wait to see the design in action.

No-nonsense, high-quality, and stylish

The goal of 36 is to make a valuable contribution to the cycling experience by making well-considered choices in product features, quality, and design.

In doing so, we keep our product range clear, no-nonsense, and qualitative. And at the same time prove that this can be done in style and is accessible to everyone.

36, a magic number

Fausto Coppi gave the number mythical values. And it was not for nothing that it was his favorite start number; he became a hero with this number in the Tour of Lombardy. But he also won the 36th edition of the Giro d'Italia with number 36. He also won the 36th edition of the Tour de France. And as if it were written in the books, 36 was the age when he could last compete in the big races.

In 1936 Theo Middelkamp was the first Dutchman to win a Tour stage. Magne won the Tour with number 36. Firmin Lambot was the oldest tour winner ever at 36 years old. Leontien van Moorsel achieved her best victory with number 36: Olympic Champion in Sydney...

The number seems to have a wonderful appeal and balance. There is an indefinable balance between two numbers back-to-back. Like two opposites that need each other. For a mathematician, the explanation is that it is both a square number and a triangular number and therefore has special properties. In numerology it is simpler: it is a lucky number.

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