Last week we've raised the Watersley flag at the Watersley monastery, starting a new chapter. Within the first quarter of 2021, the renovation of the Watersley monastery will start. The Watersley monastery will be transformed into an important part of Watersley Sports & Talentpark.

By situating new functions in the building, intended for a wider audience, the historic glory as a meeting place remains intact. The existing qualities of the building will be retained because transformation and restoration will take place. There will be a wellness and fitness, and open kitchen. These are not only accessible to the athlete/resident, but also others. Furthermore, the first floor will be furnished with various offices focusing on sports and health. In this way, a sports clinic is created where athletes can quickly go to with injuries or otherwise. Offices will also be built in the left-wing for companies in other sectors but will have a strong link with sports. In addition, studios and hotel rooms will be made to turn the monastery into a top sports recovery clinic where athletes can be treated and recover from injuries.

Watersley Sports & Talentpark is a historically rich area and has been in use since the 16th century, according to various sources. The name Watersley reveals a lot about its unique location; -sley stands for "the gathering place of water", a valley basin at the foot of the Kollenberg. Watersley House has been a national monument since 1967. After a castle, monastery, and care center, it is now the place where young, ambitious talents find the peace to develop their (sporting) competencies.