Each year Limburg Cycling organizes the 'Limburgs Wielergala', an election where the best cyclists from our region are honored. This year we had the honor to host this great event!

Yesterday the 'Limburgs Wielergala' took place in Plaza Watersley. Unfortunately, we couldn’t welcome all guests to our park this year. Instead, we created an online talk show and broadcasted the show online at www.wstp.tv.
With the presence of Frans Maassen, Bart Brentjens, Raymond Kerckhoffs, and others we looked back at an amazing season and celebrated the winners.

The Wielergala consists of 3 categories, with 3 nominees in each category. Watersley Sports & Talentpark residents Sophie von Berswordt & Milan Vader were also among the nominees.
After extensive consultation of the Club 24 (a collective of big names in the local cycling world), 3 amazing winners were announced.

Talent of the year: Scarlett Souren
Cyclist of the year: Sabrina Stultjens
Cyclist of the year: Tom Dumoulin

We would like to congratulate all the winners and nominees who made it to the top 3 of each category.

A great way to finish the season, on to another exciting season!