Since last year the Jumbo-Visma Development Team has been based at Watersley Sports & Talentpark in Sittard, an international residential campus which has provided accommodation to many top sports talents from home and abroad. Since this year, Team Jumbo-Visma Women also uses a house on the park and both teams enjoy a completely renovated accommodation.

“In the Development Team house we are usually with four or five guys”, says Michel Hessmann, rider of Jumbo-Visma Development Team. “The other guys come by sometimes between races, but they usually only stay for a day or two. It’s not only fun here. It also makes it easier to eat well and train together. Finding motivation is never a problem here. I also see my trainers more often now. It’s also really nice to be able to train in a different environment after years of training in the same place.”

In order to provide the riders with every convenience during their stay, a number of partners also contributed. HEMA supplied the kitchen inventory and decorated the homes with attractive interior items to give the house a homely feel. “In the house, everyone has a bit of their own place. But in the evening we usually sit down together or have dinner together. Because we all use the Jumbo Foodcoach app and weigh our food accurately, we often cook for ourselves. Sometimes we have a BBQ together. At least in the kitchen we now have everything we need.”

In addition, M-line, also Official Sleep Supplier of Watersley Sports & Talentpark, has supplied all riders with their favorite mattress and the comforter covers are in the Team Jumbo-Visma style, so that a good night's sleep is also guaranteed at this location. “When we came back from the training camp in February, everything in the house had been renewed. That was very nice. The beds had our own M-line mattresses and the whole house was completely furnished.”

The homes at the park not only function as accommodation for some of the riders, they also act as a base for training days with the teams. When staying longer with large groups in one place, hygiene remains important. MTS Euro Products has therefore ensured that there are sufficient hygiene products to be found throughout the house.

“Also before the race we often gather here as well”, the German rider continues. “For example if we have to go to France. You can easily head for the Ardennes from here, also on the bike. Or if you really want a long ride to the Eifel. But in South Limburg you also have enough beautiful routes to train. It’s very different for me here than at home, where I have many wide roads and few climbs. Here there are many more steep but also longer climbs. You can actually go in all directions here.”