Arianna Pruisscher from Nieuw-Dordrecht won silver on New Year's Day at the Dutch marathon skating championship in Alkmaar. Behind Irene Schouten, the joyful cry of the skater from Nieuw-Dordrecht could be heard clearly.

"For me, it is a silver medal with a golden edge. It is very nice to have it," Pruisscher responds.

"I may have cheered too hard. But I'm just very happy with it. It was very unreal. After all these years, I think the pay is for work. I have had a lot of injuries in marathon skating. of the Top Division can start like this is bizarre."

And that great discharge is easily explained if you know how this achievement came about. During her training on the ice rink in Eindhoven, for example, there is no trainer anywhere to be seen. "I ride with a group of former students that I met a few years ago. And I'm just having a great time with them," says Pruisscher.

In addition, in this corona lockdown, she can only go to the ice rink once a week and then also at seven in the morning.

"My alarm goes off at 5 a.m. to be in Eindhoven on time," explains Pruisscher, who has been living in Sittard for more than four years. "The ice rink is closed after 5 p.m. for skaters older than eighteen. So I can't manage that with my work."

Full-time dental technician
Because in addition to being a marathon skater, she is also a full-time dental technician in Roermond. And that while in the summer she is also a cyclist with the French continental team of Strade Rochelais Charente Maritime, with which she rides an international program. A jam-packed life in which she has too little rest, but has to work to make ends meet.

"In the winter I just start early and then I also work extra to get days off in the summer. All vacation days are spent on training camps and competitions," explains Pruisscher.

One day she hopes to be able to cycle and skate full-time in the future. But whether it succeeds depends on its performance and associated income.

Return to Drenthe?
Even though she exchanged Drenthe for Limburg more than four years ago, she does miss the province. But love ensures that a return is not possible for the time being.

"I am a Drent at heart and he is a real Limburger. Maybe we will find a middle ground in Arnhem or something," Pruisscher concludes with a laugh.

Bron: RTV Drenthe