Today, we want to highlight our partner in High Performance and Strenght & Conditioning training; Total Movement.

Tanja & Maja are dedicated to help their clients to realize and maximize their potential through the service that combine the best of science, proven practice, technology, and tradition - all applied in a holistic, pragmatic, and original way.

Over the past few years, Total Movement has been working with lots of national and international top sports athletes and talents in the High Performance Center at Watersley Sports & Talentpark.

Together, we keep on creating and building the best environment possible for top athletes to work towards their goals.

“Watersley provides us with the spaces and logistics necessary to achieve our goals and realize our ideas as athletic performance specialists and sports scientists. It is home for our training and research facilities. Also, Watersley is an ideal environment in which we can invite our domestic and international athletes to stay and have everything organized around them, so we can focus on the process of increasing their athletic performance, whether they are coming back from injuries or purchasing higher levels in their sports career. Last but not least, Watersley and the people working in, give us this strong feeling that there is no idea or dream that can’t be achieved. It is the place that we strongly believe will grow to one of the internationally recognized sports centers able to meet the needs of the athletes from all over the world, and a melting pot of the sports ideas where athletes can get the best for their own development.”

- Tanja Sarenac (Co-founder and CEO) & Maja Ivanovic (Co-founder and CEO)

Take a look at their website for more information: