Last week marked the start of a new exciting partnership at Watersley Sports & Talentpark, Chapeau Catering is moving into Watersley 12. But before they move it’s time to demolish and rebuild the facility into a beautiful kitchen and restaurant for our residents.   

Chapeau Catering is a catering company and specializes in sports nutrition, among a lot of other things. Catering at events for thousands of people and making great food for your business meeting are just two examples. And we speak from experience!   

Make sure to check their website and find out more about all their activities;

For Jeroen Hendriks, owner of Chapeau Catering, it’s not the first time to work at Watersley. More than 10 years ago, when the park was still inhabited by Stichting Pergamijn, Jeroen was working in the same building where he is moving intoTime to go back to his roots!   

We are both very excited about this new partnership. Chapeau will be managing the restaurant for the athletes who are living at Watersley Sports & Talentpark. Thanks to their experience and knowledge about sports nutrition we can improve the quality of the Watersley diet even more and provide our residents with all their nutritional needs.    

Watersley & Chapeau fuel your talent and ambition!   

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