Watersley Sports & Talentpark is the new location to do your PCR test. In cooperation with Eurofins, we can offer this additional facility at our park.

Slowly but surely, (pro) athletes are able to compete again. However, everyone needs to test negative for COVID-19 to attend any race or competition. As a sports residency where multiple sports teams and individual athletes live and train, it is a huge benefit to be able to offer this new service to Watersley residents and other sports athletes living in the surroundings.

Also, if you plan on staying at Watersley from abroad, for example, to go to a competition, the PCR tests can easily be added to your booking. Having all these facilities and services together at one location is very convenient, and Watersley will arrange everything for you.

To offer this service, we cooperate with Eurofins. Eurofins has multiple test locations all over The Netherlands. With Watersley being the only set location in Limburg, it is perfect for athletes living in the beautiful south of The Netherlands.

Are you a sports team or an individual athlete, and you want to schedule your PCR test at Watersley?! Please contact us via info@watersley.com, and we are more than happy to help you!