GEPLA becomes a Talent Sponsor for handball player and Watersley resident Ashley Jacobs. Thanks to GEPLA, Ashley gets the opportunity to add extras to her current program related to her development in becoming a professional sports athlete.

We’re proud to announce another match has been made between a Talent Partner and a Watersley resident: Talent Partner GEPLA is linked to handball player Ashley Jacobs.

Ashley was only 15 years old when she moved to Watersley Sports & Talentpark to pursue her handball career. Now, three years later, she’s still working on her sports career at V&L, studies in Nijmegen, and lives in a studio at Watersley.

Jack Gelissen, director at GEPLA, used to play handball himself, and right from the beginning, Jack and Ashley had a great connection. Being a Talent Sponsor, GEPLA invests in and contributes to the development of a dedicated, young, top sports talent who can be an inspiration to many others.

About Watersley Partner BV
Watersley Partner BV links companies that choose to be a talent partner to top sports talents living at Watersley Sports & Talentpark. The companies support creates an extra budget for the athlete, which can be used for additional services/facilities at partners of Watersley. All this to promote their development into professional top sports athletes.

Are you the next one to contribute to the development of one of our young, top sports talents?!