In the coming years, Watersley Sports & Talentpark will grow into the place to be for the development of young cycling talents. Where it started three years ago with the mission to play a more prominent role internationally in the development of women's cycling, there is now a training structure for talents from various disciplines in cycling. Based at Watersley Sports & Talentpark, the Race & Development Teams are part of a unique system, where living and training are combined in an inspiring sports environment.

Three years ago, the training structure started with the Watersley R&D Cycling Team. A training team for talented women aged 17 to 22. Today there is a training structure with a team for women U23 and U19, a team for men U19, and a club for offroad talents.

Grouwels-Watersley R&D Road Team
For the coming season, our U23 women's team will have many new faces. More than ever, the line-up is represented internationally with riders from Ireland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, and South Africa. The formation of the Grouwels-Watersley R&D Road Team will start in 2022 with Karlijn Koops, Felicia Bengtsson, Karin Söderqvist, Mette Egtoft, Iris Timmermans, Hazel Magill, Lily Schuitemaker, Sophia Zwaan, Maia Simmons, Dagmar Hejhalova, Kitija Siltumena and Sophie von Berswordt.

Doltcini-Watersley R&D Road Team
Just like last season, the U19 women's team will ride a challenging program at home and abroad. Famous faces Pem Hoefmans, Denise Mertens, and Carmen van der Veen will be reinforced this season by Lotte de Vries and Mayke Blok.

GEPLA-Watersley R&D Road Team
With our new U19 men's team, we have a very talented team in the ranks. The former 'Streetjump Development Team' will from now on be cycling under the banner of Watersley R&D Cycling Team. The formation of the Gepla-Watersley R&D Road Team consists of Niels Brinkman, Ryan Gal, Justin de Hart, Karst Hayma, Tobias Kool, Raphaël Mouton, Juul Nagengast, Wouter Toussaint, Pepijn Veenings, Mika Vijfvinkel, and Thom van de Werf.

Slimm-Watersley R&D Offroad Team
Since September, a group of 50 youth members has been part of the Watersley community. From this season, this group will be strengthened with several talented riders who will compete at the highest level for the Slimm-Watersley R&D Offroad Team.

Home base
With Watersley Sports & Talentpark as their home base, these teams are part of a unique system, where living and training are combined. One of the many strengths of the training structure is that Watersley Sports & Talentpark has been set up to support talents in every way possible, with a special focus on talent development within cycling. With a motivated and experienced coaching team, a performance and development coach, and a Head of Cycling, there will be more attention for the individual athlete through testing, training, recovery, nutrition, coaching, and everything else necessary to ensure that our talents develop as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Surrounded by great universities and work opportunities, Watersley Sports & Talentpark is a place where you can develop in every way possible. This means that you can fully focus on developing yourself as an athlete, while also growing on a personal level. That is why Watersley R&D Cycling Team offers a solid foundation for the development of talents within cycling.

We believe that when you live and train together, you will develop as a team and become stronger as an individual. STAY • GROW • PLAY

Watersley R&D Partners
It would not be possible to set up this Race & Development training structure without the support of our partners, with special thanks to clothing partner Doltcini Sportswear, GEPLA, Grouwels Vastgoed, Slimm Facility Services, Multiflor, EP Tummers, Tyvari Coffee, FFWD, Bruin Drive technology, BYE, U-Sports, APEX, Vredestein, Fysiosteps, CC 53-11 and Fit4cyling.