In the context of the development of Watersley Sports & Talentpark and its facilities, we work closely with various partners. Where we work with our knowledge partners on the development of (sports-)specific content. We connect business partners to a Watersley talent, whereby this company contributes to the development of this individual talent.

Watersley Partner makes the connection between companies and athletes who live at Watersley Sports & Talentpark. This makes the wish to allow top athletes to further develop their talents a reality. Since last year, 15 links have already been made between athletes and companies. All companies have an affinity with sports. When making the connection, we always look for the best match. Which sport discipline suits the company best? What study does the athlete follow? These are all factors that are taken into account. When all the puzzle pieces fall into place, we have found the ideal basis for a unique collaboration.

One thing is clear, thanks to the contribution of the companies, the athletes at Watersley can book extra strength training or extra sports massages, for example, that they would not have been able to pay otherwise. Because in the career of a top athlete it is part of life to invest and peak at the right moment. To be able to develop optimally as an athlete, the help of the business community is indispensable.

Watersley Business Days
Watersley Partner offers its partners a degree of brand awareness, such as with the many international and national events that are organized. In addition, there are regular breakfast sessions with a speaker from the own sports network. But also activities that the athletes perform in return for the company. Such as a bike ride with several business relations under the guidance of the top athlete. And then finish with a snack and drink in the Plaza of Watersley Sports & Talentpark.

Corporate Social Responsibility
For many companies, this partnership is a form of corporate social responsibility. When the top athlete is successful and continues to live in the region and his social career here in Limburg, this will lead to a win-win situation. The often highly educated top athletes are also a great asset to the region, who will develop in the same business community.

A spin-off from these partnerships is the numerous activities, such as team building days that are organized for our partners at Watersley. And then the circle is complete, because all the talents that a top athlete possesses to want to win, we can perfectly train with the employees of the company to be successful in their work or with their department. The business community can learn a lot from top athletes and vice versa.

If you are interested in a partnership with Watersley and what this can mean for you, please contact Lou Cremers +316 20 24 01 89. Who knows, maybe your company will soon also be involved in top sport.