The new food forest at Watersley Sports & Talentpark will be a source of power for athletes, where athletes will soon be able to harvest or pick their own food.

In recent years, the park has developed into a magnet for young (top) sports talents from all over the world and will be further (re)developed sustainably by using the available materials and possibilities of the site in an innovative way. All this while preserving the peace and space that the park offers.

The landscape of Watersley Sports & Talentpark offers many opportunities for the provision of food and raw materials/products. By the new food forest, we make use of the landscape in a nature-friendly way, which benefits the awareness and experience value of nature. By using the landscape in this way, a nod to the former monastery garden is created and the relationship with the subsoil is restored. Also, it improves the biodiversity in the area by introducing multiple plants and animal species.

The new food is healthy and can therefore be perfectly combined with a balanced diet for talents. And would you, as a visitor, also like to taste it? That will soon be possible in the new food lab near the monastery, where everything can be told about our new Watersley diet.