Watersley Sports & Talentpark is mainly known in the cycling world but is a home for athletes from all sports disciplines. Handball is also one of the well-represented sports among the residents of the international sports campus. Several handball players from V&L live and train at Watersley Sports & Talentpark.

In 2018, Watersley Sports & Talentpark welcomed the first handball player. A 16-year-old girl decided to join Handbalclub Vlug & Lenig to give her sports career a boost. She started living in one of the mixed houses, together with athletes of other sports disciplines. Living at Watersley allowed her to focus on handball and live nearby the club and school. Since then, more handball players from all parts of The Netherlands have found their way to Vlug & Lenig, and currently, seven girls live at Watersley Sports & Talentpark.

Living at Watersley makes it possible for young girls to pursue their dream, play handball at the highest level in The Netherlands and develop their sports careers. At the sports campus, you live with athletes who practice different sports, but where every athlete has the same mentality. In addition to the sports career, Watersley also pays attention to building a social career. The environment in which the athletes live is conducive to their sporting and social performance. This offers athletes the opportunity to follow a study in addition to a weekly schedule of at least eight training moments per week. 

Maxim is one of the handball players of Vlug & Lenig and lives in a studio at Watersley: “Living on Watersley means I have everything I do close by. I play handball in Geleen and study in Sittard, which is easy to combine. It is nice to live with other athletes, see their achievements and learn from each other. Since we met the cyclists and triathletes, who also live in the studios, I have been very inspired and bought myself a racing bike, for example. Besides handball, I go cycling as a hobby! Combining different sports in addition to handball helps me in my further development.'